Bodies of Crisis: The German Wende remembered
A practice-as-research project developed by Maria Hetzer

Video: The Washing Videos (part of Sequence 3)
Production: Durational work staged for video, February – March, 2012
Production: filmed in private spaces in Coventry

From interview accounts on personal hygiene and living circumstances in 1989, scores were generated for a re-construction of these practices in live performance. Initially, the scores were prepared and carried out by the performers in durational work for themselves, i.e. without a constraint to dramatise aspects of this practice in order to be 'interesting' for an audience. In a second step, these practices were performed again for camera on the premises of appearing authentic, casual, and historically specific. The staging for video elicited important considerations on the constructedness of the historical material, especially with regard to framing and enhancing its documentariness and 'authenticity' through memory discourses.